Semalt: Hints On How To Use Advanced Segments On Your Google Analytics

Marketing consultants, online marketers, and web content developers work on achieving clean data at the end of their campaign. Misreading of your Search Engine Optimization data can lead to a drastic fall of your Google rankings altogether. Outstand your competitors offering the same line of products in the market sector by using advanced segments to block referrer spam and bot traffic being driven at your website by spammers and malicious spammers with the aim of sneaking threats to your website.

Artem Abgarian, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, shares his experience and unveils some helpful issues in this regard.

For the past few weeks, more than 20% of B2B and other small businesses operating in the online platforms have been encountering challenges due to the impact of referrer spam and internal traffic on their website. Filtering data using the right metrics is very important to avoid filtering out the links and external traffic on your website.

How do advanced segments filter out unwanted data?

Being developed by the latest heuristic technologies, advanced segments helps marketers to filter out unwanted traffic data using the available measures of progress. As a website owner, you can use advanced segments to exclude referrer spam, and a range of IP addresses skewing your Google Analytics reports. Be one step ahead of your competitors and rank high in the Google Algorithms by offering fresh and original content to your audience in real time.

Advanced segments offer you an extra option of understanding your data as compared to the main interface. A client using advanced segments will be able to track down where real traffic came from as compared to the reporting interface that only offers information on metrics only.

Types of advanced segments offered by Google

Google offers online marketers and marketing consultants 13 segments to have an evaluation and select the one's right for them. These visits include paid search traffic, non-paid search traffic, direct traffic, mobile traffic, tablet traffic, referral traffic and so on. These default advanced segments give marketers an opportunity to read and understand the main sources of their traffic.

As a marketer, you can also create a new segment that will meet your job specifications. Click the 'Advanced Segments' at the top of your screen and select the 'New Custom Segment' button. Save and apply the newly created segment to your Google Analytics profiles for full implementation.

Impacts of data comparison on your Google Analytics data

Advanced segments offer marketers and website owners an opportunity to compare data and come up with effective techniques on how to hit their target markets. According to Search Engine Optimization experts, clients can make a comparison entailing up to four segments at once. Advanced segments have been playing a vital role in comparing the impacts of organic search and paid search on SEO campaigns.

Referrer spam and internal traffic have been jeopardizing the operations of online businesses adversely. Take charge of your website by using advanced segments to exclude unwanted data and spam affecting your Google Analytics report. Drive the right kind of traffic to your website and encounter huge success in your campaign by executing the above-pinpointed facts on your campaign.